Mayim’s Wonderlab (pilot) – Nickelodeon

Mutt & Stuff (series) – Nickelodeon

Bates Motel (opening titles) – A&E, Universal

Point of View (documentary series) – PBS

Flash Gordon (series) – Syfy

I Want to Work for Diddy (opening titles) – VH1

Trapped: The Alex Cooper Story (additional music) – Lifetime Network

Super Sportlets (series) – Moonscoop Prod.

2nd Annual VH1 Hip Hop Honors – VH1

Countdown: Courage (opening titles) – Outdoor Life Network

Untangling the Mind (documentary) – Green Lion Productions

NOVA: The Vikings (documentary) – PBS, Galafilm

Towards a Promised Land (documentary) – Maximage

The City Below the Hill (documentary) – Green Lion Productions


Exhale – Riding Giants – Nina Meredith, dir.

Never Too Late – Nina Meredith, Daniel Navetta, dirs.

The Litas – Nina Meredith, dir.

Love Scene – Bethany Ashton Wolf, dir.

Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children (trailer) – Ransom Riggs, dir.

The Accidental Sea – Ransom Riggs, dir.

Desert Falcons – David Eberts, dir.

Winds of Goodness – David Eberts, dir.

The Chronicle of Professor Sethington Q. Ricartsworth
the 3rd’s Magical Black Balloons – Jodi Terwilliger and Jose Fuentes

Sense and Sensibility and Seamonsters (trailer) – Ransom Riggs, dir.

Be Amazing – Ransom Riggs, dir.

Four Degrees – Adam Lipsius, dir.

El Conflicto – Matt Pennington, dir.

Toutouffe – Nicolas Wright, dir.

Bubble – Maija Burnett, dir.

A Cold Dark Night with Brilliance – Kenny Hargrove, dir.

Maryann – José Luis Orbegozo, dir.

At a Loss – Adam Lipsius, dir.

No Angels – Mark Austin, dir.

Quatre éléments: Terre – Christine Falco, dir.